Wednesday, July 7, 2010


07/07 Munich Day 3

We spent the day at the BMW FIZ where we got to tour the research and development centers of BMW. We couldn’t bring any cell phones or cameras into the building. The took us to see some incredible renderings of concept cars and showed us the software behind the visualizations. We also got to see some camouflaged versions of next years BMWs, shaker tables, an EMI chamber, and a motorcycle wheelie testing machine.

This evening, we’re going to the Beer Garden to watch the Germany vs Spain match. It should be a good one.

06/07 Munich Day 2

I had breakfast at my hostel before leaving to meet up with the rest of the guys. I’m no longer a solo traveler. I’m looking forward to seeing some friends but will definitely miss being alone.

I managed to find the hotel without too much difficulty. I was there for around 5 minutes before the rest of the class showed up.

We took a little time getting situated before walking to Marienplatz which is the main square on a gothic cathedral. We ate lunch there at a large restaurant. I had the German meat sampler which was more sausage than I could have ever imagined much less devoured.

After lunch, we visited the BMW museum as well as BMW World. The BMW museum was very interesting to see all of the historical BMW’s, race cars, James Bond cars, and hydrogen vehicles. It was a total of three stories with a spiraling staircase.
BMW world was a more interactive building with video game-like kiosks. They also had a place to customize, buy, and ship a new BMW.

Later, we met at the pedestrian part of the city and found a sports bar to watch the Netherlands vs Uraguay soccer game. I actually enjoyed the game, I was sitting next to a German man who told me everything he thought about the match… in German. I mistakenly ordered spaghetti without meat sauce. It tasted like straight vinegar.

We back to the hotel after the game finished and actually got a good nights sleep.

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