Friday, July 23, 2010

14/07 Zweibrucken Day 5

Our third day of class started with a lecture by Dr. Moorehead on color and human perception. I really enjoyed this lecture a lot.
Dr. Brill then gave a lecture on Geometry vs Topology of data structures. I had heard a similar lecture before in the data structures class I suffered through at State. It was a nice refresher though.

For lunch, mom made pork steak and tirimasu. She also agreed to leave the kitchen unlocked so we could eat it for dinner too.

In the afternoon, we spent time with the german students to gain some cultural awareness. So, the Germans took us rock climbing.
The rock climbing building was an indoor gym with a huge set of bouldering walls. In hindsight, rock climbing in a foreign country probably wasn’t all that safe of an idea. But with insurance card in hand, we had a blast and can report no injuries. The pictures are on another guys camera. Ill get em uploaded when I can.

13/07 Zweibrucken Day 4

Breakfast was incredible again. Fortunately, Dr. Moorhead picked up his rental car last night. He and Dr. Brill drove us all up the hill/mountain for class.

Class number two was on mapping. I was actually kind of bored because Tims and I spent about 8 hours and went through the entire book the night before. We did get to see their Microsoft Surface Setup. After class, we went to the lab and quickly finished our homework before starting on personal projects and sample codes.

Before lunch, we got a tour of the Zweibrucken MEMs facility. It is their clean lab for producing silicon wafers. It was not too impressive because we make such larger wafers in Starkville at Semi-south. However, it was really cool to see it so up close.

For lunch we had an extremely salty version of something that looked like a hamburger steak. It was still extremely tasty. For desert we had homemade strawberry sorbet.

We all spent the entire afternoon and evening programming.

12/07 Zweibrucken Day 3

Today was our first day of class. We started the morning off with an amazing breakfast from our housemother. Then we walked half a mile straight up hill in 90 degree heat to our university. It was absolutely miserable.
The university used to be an American military base and the architecture is very representative of that.

Our classroom is not air conditioned and super hot so we spent most of our time in the lab today where the computers have to be cooled.
The first class was an overview of things to come and lacked anything of too much excitement.

For lunch, our housemother made lasagna without the meat sauce. It was pretty good.
I spent the afternoon doing work familiarizing myself and my mac with the code we’ll be using.

In the evening, we walked to a mediteranean resteraunt and had gyros for dinner. I accidently told the worker that Tims and I were from South America and he gave us a discount. I didn’t realize my mistake until we were outside.

We watched a famous south park episode on the german website in English. We were surprised to find all of the Hitler and holocaust scenes censored out.

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