Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I’m in London and currently sitting in the hostel. I managed to get all the way from Gatwick to here without any trouble. However, the girl I met in the airport from Mobile, AL was quite helpful. London itself is what I expected. Its somewhat dirty and has a smell that comes with that. I arrived during rush hour and there were people in suits everywhere running to work.

On the Gatwick express, I passed the battery power station (front cover of a pink floyd album) I’ll post a picture later.

The hostel is right in the heart of the city near Russel square. Its got a modern and colorful look to it. There are pink and lime green couches in the lounge. Its very different from the rest of London.

Also, it seems as if everyone has a mac. I fit right in.

It’s almost 10am here, which means 4am in Mississippi. I’m going to post this and decide if I can get to Wimbledon on standby today. If not, I’ll be walking the open markets on the Thames River. Ill update when I can.

*Havent figured out how to upload pictures yet. Ill take the time to figure that out tomorrow.

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